Our Process


A. Cleaning of all of the cabinet doors on both sides and the exterior portion of the cabinet boxes.

B. Removal of the doors and drawer fronts (each to be identified as to it's position and order).

C. All surfaces will be hand sanded down with 320 grit sand paper.

D. All surfaces not to be painted will be masked and taped.

E. We will then apply 2 coats of premium oil bases universal primer to all surfaces. 12 hours dry time between coats.

F. Primer will be hand sanded between each coat.

G. Minor repairs will be done between the two primer coats.

H. On completion of the final coat of priming, we will then apply 2 coats of premium cabinet paint to all surfaces. Each application will be hand sanded with 320 and 400 grit paper dusted, vacuumed and tacked .

I. All doors will be hung in a heated room for 12 hours before being wrapped for transport

J. All doors and drawer faces will be re-installed and door knobs remounted.

K. During the application we will do a visual inspection and do appropriate touch ups if any are required. 

L. Finally - if required and possible, based on the type of hinges you have, we will readjust the door spacing. Note that in most cases it is very minimal if any adjustments are required. Our estimate allocates for a maximum of 15 min per 30 doors . Additional time would be charged at our shop rate of $85 per man hour.

Note: In most cases a two coat application yields great results. As with any paint application we can’t guarantee complete coverage under all circumstances. Extra coats will result in additional cost. If required, we will notify client as soon as we encounter an issue suggest how we can correct the issue and submit a cost for approval.