We Repaint Repair & Refinish

Cabinet Repainting

Transform your Kitchen & Bathroom Cabinets with a fresh yet affordable solution. Whether it's to give a bold pop of colour or to simply brighten up your space, Painting Contractors Corp. will guide you throughout the whole process and leave you with brand new cabinets in no time.

Repainting costs 1/5 of replacing cabinets OR 1/3 the cost of re-facing or changing your doors.

With a factory-like finish, your cabinets will look and feel like new.


Choose any colour or combinations of colours.

Two gloss levels: Pearl or Semi-Gloss


Completed in approximately 10 business days.


    We help you maintain full access to your kitchen or bathroom during the process


    Factory-like finish

    Urethane based application


    Reusing cabinets reduces harm to the environment

    No harmful odours